Pistol Shoot Results
October 4thResults

We Had 8 shooters

Paper Target
1st Place Kevin Woods 103x
2nd Place Garry Endsley 96
Third Place Dean Schulz

Speed Plates .22 Cal
1st Place Kevin Woods 3.32
2nd Place Jerry Horton 5.14
Third Place Bud Braun 5.33

Speed Plates Centerfire
1st Place Dean Schulz 4.29
2nd Place Kevin Woods 4.34
Third Place Steve Beat 4.52

IDPA Warm Up
1st Place Kevin Woods 9.64
2nd Place Steve Beat 12.48
Third Place Dean Schulz 14.82

IDPA Tactical
1st Place  Dean Schulz 27.45
2nd Place Kevin Woods 28.72
Third Place Steve Beat 29.85

One Hand Plates
1st Place  Steve Beat 40.20

Action Plates 22
1st Place  Kevin Woods 240
2nd Place Steve Beat 150
Third Place Dean Schulz 140

Action Plates Center Fire
1st Place  Dean Schulz 210
2nd Place Steve Beat 170
Third Place Kevin Woods 150

Team Steel Shoot
1st Place  Gary Endsley - Kevin Woods 6.89
2nd Place Floyd Klein- Dean Schulz 7.71
Third Place Steve Beat- Bud Braun 7.79
Next Shoot   2010

We Shoot All Different Types of Target Presentations It
is a laid Back Fun Day Of  Shooting So Come Out  And
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