The Flavor Enthusiast


These days there are so many different flavors of eJuice to choose from. Being a vaping enthusiast myself, I try my best to try every flavor out there, from good old fashion tobacco, to morning dew. There isn’t a flavor out there that I wouldn’t be willing to try! I love vaping. I’ve turned it into a hobby, and my friends and I are known at all of the local vapor shops. When I can’t find find what I’m looking for locally -which is most of the time- I turn to the internet.

One of my favorite places to shop for eLiquid: eJuice Farm. They have any flavor you can think of, hardware for your vaporizer, and even apparel for those die hard vaping fans like myself. Their prices are pretty fair as well. One of my favorite eJuices that they sell is Trix, and it’s flavored just like the cereal. It was always my favorite as a kid and now I enjoy it pretty much all day. I feel a bit spoiled if I’m honest, because they treat me well considering I buy so many different flavors from them.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through several different vapes. The hardware that they sell online is a must see. I wouldn’t pass it up. Instead of throwing out a hundred bucks for a new vaporizer, check them out first because they might have what you’re looking for. Atomizers, batteries, chargers, coils, they literally have it all. Unless you have broken your vaporizer in half it could and should be saved!

With all these new flavors that are made every day it’s hard for me to keep up. I definitely have a list of all of the new flavors out that I’m ready to try! One of my favorites that I’m waiting for is Rolly eJuice. It’s supposed to taste just like a roll-up which was another one of my favorite child hood treats. There’s also I Love Doughnuts by Mad Hatter Juice! I guess I’ve made it clear how much of a sweet tooth I have! I was a very big boy growing up, I’ve learned that I can’t eat what I used to so vaping’s the closest I’ll get to some of these glorious snacks.

There are some eJuices that I’ve come across that are hard for to describe, but something everyone should try. Dragonscape is unlike any other eJuice I’ve tasted. It’s got a very earthy taste to it and reminds me of a warm Asian tea. Try it for yourself. Don’t just check out there are many sites out there with wonderful and unexpected flavors.